sleeping death
Reader here :)
my bookworm is being traded next month so im hoarding all the books i get in my SDB so as soon as soon as i get my new plushie poogle he shall be bombarded with books. hehe

Readers 'N Feeders
Readers 'N Feeders
Welcome to Livejournal's newest Neopets-related community - Readers 'N Feeders! This community is for all Neopians working toward those Book or Gourmet Club awards. Feel free to use this community for any of the following:

• Names of new books/gourmet foods featured in the news.
• Names of new books/gourmet foods that have recently started stocking in the main shops.
• Announcements or updates regarding number of books read or food fed.
• Basically anything related to reading or feeding your beloved Neopets!

Also, posts listing your shop and/or trades will be allowed - but only if you are selling unbuyables, new books/food, or are having a special sale. In other words, not a daily post of your shop, but rather offering a new item or discounted price to other members in the community. We don't want to be flooded with ads, here. Please just use your judgement when posting - and have a great time!

To view a list of helpful links related to Reading & Feeding, please view the readersnfeeders' profile page.

& If you have any suggestions for the community, or links to add to the profile page, please comment here!
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